Do you like making crafts? Are you interested in selling those crafts online and earn money at the same time? Open an Etsy shop and start selling your handmade creations today! Learn how!

Why You Should Sell Your Handmade Crafts on Etsy

Did you ever think that you could get paid for the things you create at home? Did you ever think that you can open a shop free of charge and start selling your handmade creations? Did you ever think that you could have customers from Russia, Greece or New Zealand?

All of this is possible if you register and start selling on Etsy.

Etsy is the only online platform you need to turn your handmade creations into cash. By opening an Etsy shop you will be able to present your business as well as your talent and skills to customers from all over the world, which is something that you will never be able to achieve if you are selling in a brick and mortar store.

How to Sell on Etsy

Currently, on Etsy, there are millions of products, active buyers, and sellers, which means that the competition is pretty high. But you know what they are saying – where is a competition – there is money as well.

You don’t have to be scared because of the competitors on Etsy. All you need is a good strategy and you will be able to turn your handmade creations into a profitable business.

The first thing you need to decide is the type of products you are going to sell. The rule is that the products should be handmade. You can sell jewelry, art pieces, accessories, children’s goods, paper goods, housewares, hand sewn items, crocheted or knitted items, pet toys, bags and purses, dinnerware, sculptures, vintage goods, home décor, and etc.

Opening a store on Etsy is simple and most importantly free. The important thing is to have a valid credit card to cover the fees (the fee for listing a new product is $0.20). There is another fee of 3.5% per product (once the product is sold). In other words, Etsy is providing you with an opportunity to make money by keeping a small fee, everything else goes straight to your pocket as a profit.

The platform is extremely easy to use. You have to upload five photos per product, describe the product in details, and add tags and keywords.

If you need additional information you can check on the official Etsy website. Good luck!