Sell Tarot Readings

Interested in selling tarot readings online on Etsy? Check out our helpful guide and discover everything you need to know!

Once you are done with the preparations – you can register and open an Etsy account. Besides selling crafts, handmade products, supplies for such products, art, vintage goods, Etsy is the perfect marketplace for selling tarot readings as well. This online platform is seller oriented, worldwide popular, and offers social interaction. Both sellers and buyers are generally friendly and helpful.

Register your shop and list your product, in this case, tarot readings. Make sure to add high-quality photos and detailed description about what your tarot readings include. Etsy is a pretty competitive marketplace, which means that you need to offer something unique that is going to differentiate you from your competitors. Explain to your potential customers why they should choose you, instead of someone else! Inform them what they are going to get if they use your shop!

You can promote your tarot trough your own shopping center readings on the social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Link your Etsy shop to these social networks and wait for the audience number to increase.

A Final Word

When selling tarot readings on Etsy, it is important to provide excellent customer service. Treat all of your potential customers like friends and make sure to be nice, kind, and honest. After all, they are going to share personal information with you. Be empathetic, truthful in what you way, and if there is something negative in the reading – say it straight! The personal touch is your golden ticket to success!





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